Aura Systems Technologies

Aura Systems Technologies (AST) is a Small Business and a global professional solutions provider specializing in Aviation Engineering analyses across the Aeromechanics technical disciplines include: aerodynamics, aircraft performance, dynamics, flight controls, mass properties, modeling and Simulation (M&S), over all the ARMY”s( manned, Unmanned) fixed-and rotary-Wing  aircraft’s aviation systems solutions to enable, airworthiness qualification of aircraft  that unburden aircraft operators and maintainer, and enhance their mission capabilities. Perform detailed   methodology for use of Structural fatigue bench test and flight test to ensure proper application of the safe life methodology for rotorcraft (V-22 OSPRY).
Expertise in Program / Project Management, Risk management, Quality Assurance: ISO 9000, ISO 14000, EVMS, CMMI Level 1v, Six Sigma, IT Solutions, Cyber Security solution.  Expertise in Liferay Repository Plug-in application (LRPA)  utilize platform and Integration. Partner’s with Amazon Web Service Migration of WINDOWS Business APPS to the Cloud for Windows-based workloads. Partner’s with RED HAT on RHEL Enterprise Linux , Data-Center, Infrastructure, Middleware solutions and Cloud Infrastructure for Big, Medium size business IT  Systems .
 Headquartered In Los Angeles County, California, Aura Systems intent is to provide its expertise and service to the government as needed by DOD. ARMY, NAVY, Air-Force, DHS and Healthcare Customer.
 Most of AST employees have Masters and Phd’s in engineering and Social Science, and are excellent Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their field. AST number one priority, is to provide excellent service to its customer in delivering products.
With over 25 years of experience, outstanding education, Advance degrees and low overhead. AST provides its services at very economical rates. Its hand-on managers ensure efficient performance on schedule and within the specified budget.

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